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Starbucks Gift Card View Master

This was idea came to me the other day, when I realized I had a bunch of Starbucks cards that I never threw away or re-used for future purchases or gift giving. I think that if they made cards differently with more images that worked with my viewer that it might be a neat idea for fun. This idea is more constructive fun for creative types and perhaps for parents create with their children. It could easily be applied to any beverage cup and one could use any image paper.

I made a Starbucks Gift Card View Master using one Starbucks “Venti” Hot Beverage Cup.

starbucks venti

I measured the width of an average cup lid. Next I cut slits on either side of the lid the same width of a gift card.  Then I cut the same width on the surface of the lid, but kept enough plastic so as to hold the gift card in place and act like two light guards.


Then I poked a hole in the bottom of the


I put the lid back on. Slid a gift card with a fun “scene” sliding the card facing towards the inside of the cup. Put the cup up to a bright light source and appreciated the card. Certainly anyone can just hold the card up to the light using their hands, but I thought this would be a simple fun project, teaching others about recycling and to appreciate the spent gift cards in a way that would keep both the cards and cup from the trash heap. IMG_0831

Then I tried first a card pictured above, that revealed a steaming hot beverage: IMG_0832

But I used a “cafe” Starbucks scene, with a window scene for the best view. This could be a fun rainy day project for kids or creative spirits. Drawing images on paper and sliding them through the cup could be a fun idea and children could write a story about the images they created. Have fun you guys, and thanks again for stopping by


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Garden a plenty.

So my garden this year was better than last year. I grew 5 kinds of tomatoes, bell pepper, hot pepper, three kinds of climbing beans, carrots, peas, cantaloupe, sweet dumpling delicata squash, and more. Last year I bought dollar tree seed and planted late in August, but did rather well, (trick, nature has a way of catching up on some things.


This year I planted seeds in tissue paper rolls filled with soil, while while watching the sag awards, or was it the oscars.toilet paper rolls


Anyhoo, nearly everything came up and did splendidly.

I encourage everyone to try their hand at growing vegetables from Dollar Tree Seeds. There is nothing wrong with the seeds and they are not GMO seed. 4 packets for a dollar is fantastic. Wait until August, and they often reduce them to 10 for a dollar. Wait until September, and they sell them for 5 cents a piece.


With a long shelf life, most veggies seeds can be stored to grow for years to come. So I bought my favorites for spring planting next year. I live in Zone 8 and planted more beans, lettuce and some brassicas for an early fall harvest.

Growing plants is so relaxing and I love the challenge of bring vegetables to a yield. I can hardly wait until next spring to plant more curbita on espaliers all over my yard. I also planted carrots, and we pulled them at the near end of November, and they were the sweetest carrots you could have eaten.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 2.16.31 PM

Experiment. Save carrot tops from the grocery store, you can root them in water and transfer them to the ground during a normal growing season. This can also be done with lettuce, onions, and many other vegetables. Have Fun!