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Upcycle random fabric sources into a Covid-19 Mask.

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I own three sewing machines and even a hemming hand sewing unit. For precise stitching when making a bag or purse for someone, I typically use my regular Singer sewing machine. But with the recent concerns for having a mask, I wasn’t concerned with the irregularities of making hand sewn masks.

I created two masks for one for me and one for my husband. He liked both, but he chose to wear the one I made from a wine bag(first photo), and I chose the one I made from the back pocket of a pair of old jeans that were ripped up that I used in the garden. I also used the elastic from an old pair of boxers for his, after cutting down the band so that it would fit over ears.

The jean pocket one is reinforced with chenille sticks, which are both soft and strong to add the needed crimping to frame the nose and conform to the sinus areas below the eyes, (second photo). Yes, the jean pocket one, made me the butt of a few jokes on Facebook , but it was fun to make, and I knew I would get laughter. I like to be different, and well if poking fun at myself gets people to try to make something whether is a COVID-19 mask or a Halloween mask, so be it it. I punched holes in the jean pocket mask and then inserted stuffed animal eye sets that I already had, that would give a place for fabric to adhere and elastic straps. The original photo shows chenille sticks but I have since replaced them with Remington Wraps from Dollar Tree, 3 for a dollar. They are exactly the right width and price and make the mask very comfortable.

We wore our masks to a regular grocery store we frequent and the Meat Department manager who knows us, laughed so hard at our masks, and then he called me back to snap a photo of me in mine, saying, “That is a great idea, that made me laugh, may I take a photo?” So I let him.

You have to find a sense of humor these days. So I am glad I made the mask out of a jean pocket, even if it makes me the “butt” of a few jokes.

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new mask from a wine bagScreen Shot 2020-04-06 at 1.37.51 PM



I am an artist specializing in handmade art, recycled projects, jewelry making, painting holiday and season ornaments. Some items are not recycled but are alternately purposed art pieces.

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