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We are still in planting season for most zones…

Feeling that its too late to garden? I can tell you that nature picks up where we leave off, and often in record speed. Squash can’t be planted too late, because they usually need 80-90 days or more to grown and produce, even with 100 days of light, the light won’t help them if they are fall days, but most other veggies can be planted late. But April-May is the time to get your garden, whether its by seeds or by Home Depot or Lowe’s plants. I have waited until June to plant veggies, and got an okay yield. But this year I am early, or I should say I am on time.

Just because you have limited space, is not a reason to forgo a garden, especially if you really enjoy gardening. Even when I lived in an apartment, I planted tomatoes right inside a soil back, by cutting a hole in the top of the back, and then I poked holes in the bottom, and just left it on our apartment balcony. (The things you do in your 20’s) Also, I have a big yard, but most of it is concrete, decomposed granite walks and paver bricks as the canvas for our designed yard. But I follow limited space gardening videos on youtube. You can plant vegetables in anything. No yard to small.