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Full Circle Spring

I purchased more Vegetable seeds this season, ahead of schedule 5 weeks before April. The normal planting time for my zone is about late March to Early May. I started seeds tissue paper rolls, that can be planted in the ground once they sprout, in the tubes and they will disintegrate as they root. A great way to recycle. They seemed to have more choices for planting seeds from the Dollar Tree this year. I purchased Large Cherry Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Basil, Pumpkin, Acorn Squash, Zucchini, Beef Stake Tomato, Bell Pepper, Wax Pepper, and Jalapeño Pepper, Cantaloupe, Crookneck Zucchini, and Straight Neck Zucchini, Watermelon, Egg Plant, Iceberg Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, and Snapped Peas. all-veggies

It’s pretty incredible the amazing luck I had buying seeds last year from the Dollar Tree from the American Seed company. Many people scoffed and said, “What are they from Japan after the earthquake, which wasn’t really funny or positive?” Or they said, “Are they made with radiation? Or What’s wrong with them< Are they GMO’s.” I said, I doubt anything is wrong with them. They are probably just smaller seeds or second quality (smaller, etc), as they don’t have very many seeds in a packet. To me, I think they are just starter seeds. You actually get to buy 4 packets for a dollar. But really, if you like to plant veggies like I do, you don’t need very many. I planted a Fava Bean seed, last October, and one huge plant has grown and overwintered, FROM ONE SEED Pod, which is fantastic. So if you plant them correctly, you can get a great crop with just a few seeds.

Fava Bean Bush.png

American Seeds form American Seed Company, are considered Promotional Seeds. They are often smaller, or last season seeds, or surplus. To think that every seed purchased has to be planted the following season, however it is wasteful and erroneous to think that seeds won’t grow, without trying. Sure seeds are most vital, they sooner they can be planted. But I remember finding a seed packet, unopened from 2 years ago, that I planted in a pot. Some of the seeds were viable and some didn’t produce. I think would have better luck with promotional seeds, then seeds that were just plane old. Promotional seed packets are a cost effective way to grow seeds.

What I found on the web by, is great testimonials, and company statements, they make them Nostalgic American Seed packets and they are great for use as “giveaways for store openings, shower and wedding favors, gift baskets, mailer inserts and as a token from any special occasion!. Great quality, and affordable. ” The vintage style is made to appeal in the gift or giveaway feel.

“Over 80 million packets sold every year.”
“All seed is purchased from the same suppliers and is the same quality seed as all the other seed lines.”
“With the cost of living on the rise, the American Seed packet offers quality while still remaining affordable.”
“We invest in equipment to keep our costs down and all seeds are packed in Norton, MA.”
“None of our seeds are genetically altered or treated with any chemicals. They are produced through traditional methods.”
Where else can you buy something that grows hundreds of dollars of food for $.20?”
It’s a win win in my opinion

3/21/17 Update: Dollar Tree seed packets, are actually less likely to be Hybrid GMO’s because most of the time GMO seeds are mass produced and sold to Corporations. These are either same year or second year promotional seeds. My seeds have all come up and are performing as well as last year. I planted my seeds late in the season last year, but they caught up with the nature. They only seeds that did not do well were any of bell pepper seeds or pumpkins, which makes sense. The bell peppers need warm soil, but not hot soil, and the pumpkins need 60-80 days to mature, I gave them only 30 days, and then by late fall, they had the wrong sun and heat to grow. If are an experience grower, hobbyist grower, or a first timer, I recommend strongly getting your veggie and flower seeds from Dollar Tree. Around April to June, at some point, there will be a mark down on the seeds. Normally Dollar Tree sells season seeds for your current planting year for 4 for a dollar. But once the season heads into summer, they mark them down for ten for a dollar. I snapped up as many flower and veggie seeds as I could. It’s such a great deal, and everyone knows seeds last a long time. You should check out the video on your youtube, of the gardener that planted seeds from framed art piece that 87 year old seeds that he was able to sprout, 87 YEARS OLD!!!. That’s why I don’t immediately toss out year old seeds or even two year old seeds, because nature has a way of coming through and giving a great yield no matter what., and the second video for the the results,, not that I want to try to find 87 year old seeds, but this is proof that old seeds are often still viable. I like how Mlgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living, showed us that heirloom crops that have been missing came back in his experiment even after 8 decades. Pretty amazing.


I am an artist specializing in handmade art, recycled projects, jewelry making, painting holiday and season ornaments. Some items are not recycled but are alternately purposed art pieces.

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