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Tile and Glass mosaic Jewelry

Online Jewelry Making Classes

I began making jewelry after a fellow artist and friend got me interested in learning to make glass pendant necklaces from kits in a glass oven with templates that she had made the past several years and sold them on line and at art shows. I thought that I was going to excel at making glass pendants, even though I made a couple and sold them to some friends, I found that the time and space required to work with high fire temperature glass mini ovens was something I was not quite ready to commit to. I didn’t have the space or attention to give to managing a hot glass oven nor invest in the resources. 

I am  inherently a “work-around” problem solver. I wanted a hand made glass look and being that my focus has always been recycled art designs, my work around to the glass firing kits was to use other resources.  I have worked as an in-house design consultant in a leading tile & stone design retail showroom in Sacramento, Ca and have access to many glass and mixed media mosaics. Often a glass mosaic line becomes discontinued and after we have sold the remaining available stock, we are often have left over sheets which my manager lets me purchase at a reduced cost. 

I have made several pendants using a glass jewelry industrial adhesive to make the same look of the glass oven jewelry with beautiful results. They are fun to make and involve artwork “fused” between glass pieces or pieces “fused” on top of one another. The lower right photo is actually a vintage image of a swallow behind a translucent glass tile. 

The technique is not novel, but its a safer way for me to make jewelry that doesn’t take a high powered glass oven to make, because the glass has already been made, and I feel I am doing my part by not making more glass pieces, but instead am reusing ones that normally might be thrown away. These pendants and many more are similar to the styles I have been able to create. If interested in seeing these and some of the kit necklaces I have available for sale please contact me at