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Garden a plenty.

So my garden this year was better than last year. I grew 5 kinds of tomatoes, bell pepper, hot pepper, three kinds of climbing beans, carrots, peas, cantaloupe, sweet dumpling delicata squash, and more. Last year I bought dollar tree seed and planted late in August, but did rather well, (trick, nature has a way of catching up on some things.


This year I planted seeds in tissue paper rolls filled with soil, while while watching the sag awards, or was it the oscars.toilet paper rolls


Anyhoo, nearly everything came up and did splendidly.

I encourage everyone to try their hand at growing vegetables from Dollar Tree Seeds. There is nothing wrong with the seeds and they are not GMO seed. 4 packets for a dollar is fantastic. Wait until August, and they often reduce them to 10 for a dollar. Wait until September, and they sell them for 5 cents a piece.


With a long shelf life, most veggies seeds can be stored to grow for years to come. So I bought my favorites for spring planting next year. I live in Zone 8 and planted more beans, lettuce and some brassicas for an early fall harvest.

Growing plants is so relaxing and I love the challenge of bring vegetables to a yield. I can hardly wait until next spring to plant more curbita on espaliers all over my yard. I also planted carrots, and we pulled them at the near end of November, and they were the sweetest carrots you could have eaten.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 2.16.31 PM

Experiment. Save carrot tops from the grocery store, you can root them in water and transfer them to the ground during a normal growing season. This can also be done with lettuce, onions, and many other vegetables. Have Fun!