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     I like to draw, sew, craft, glue, stitch, sculpt, plan and paint. Occasionally I will design one of a kind clutch purses as a hobby. The market is saturated with designer bags and even handmade handbags that getting noticed for your work is very difficult. I don’t own a special sewing machine or special tools to make my clutch purses. I like the challenge in being a guy with little experience in the couture world, creating clutch purses that someone might want. I have made about 25 embellished totes and sold 20 of them at past shows, which was quite unexpected. I also made two mini clutch purses out of some art pieces of mine that were canvas paintings from previous art shows, painted in acrylic paint. The paintings became the design for the outside cover of the mini clutch purses. I also took a polka dotted place mat from a dollar tree store and created a tiny clutch purse complete with zipper and used a shoe lace for the handle. It was fun to make. I sold one art mini clutch at the tail end of show because a woman liked the animal images that she saw in the painting. She picked it up and said, “How cute. It’s a zoo purse”. I sold it to her for $10.00. I was impressed that she liked it. I love, love, love hand made purses made from alternative resources.

I think my drive to make things comes from quite honestly, growing up around a family of artisans. The satisfaction of thinking of a design or and being able to create it to present is immeasurable. I credit my parents with showing my brother and I no limits when it comes to doing it yourself, because they learned it from their parents. Please look at my other pages for ideas on what I like do make. Some ideas are silly, but going through the work of seeing it to end is part of my process, its not every artists process as it may seem tedious, but for myself, trial and error yields answers for other things. My brain is unusual in that most of the time, unless I am tired,  or under extreme duress, recall most anything I have ever seen. So what may seem like a wasted project to some, I will recall of other ideas later on.